The Melancholic Beauty Of Earth & Death

by Wyndenraiyn

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'The Melancholic Beauty Of Earth & Death' aims to explore and express the emotions and processes that humans go through upon losing those close to them while finding solace in the world around them. Be it family or friends, losing a loved one will impact how you think and feel for the rest of your life, and it can become increasingly difficult to find refuge in something during moments of severe distress and grieving. I understand these emotions myself, and have decided to share what I believe to be my comfort zone with you all via music.

There's a great deal of awe on Earth. There's always something fascinating to look at it. Personally, I find respite in mountainous environments, feeling my best in the highlands of Scotland and the Peak District of England. Some find that a stroll through a woodland, by their local river or canal, or a seat in a park can help pull them out of a bad place and bring some positivity back into their lives. What people must try to remember in their worst moments is that there's always something to live for and something new to see. Earth can never be a boring place, and is immensely beautiful despite it's conflicts.

What follows is a description of the songs by genre and theme:

1. Ashen Peaks Blessed By Golden Light (Ambient/Timestretch/Orchestral)

The first track on this release comes from a few things. Firstly, I really like the chord progression I used and have used variations of it a few times. I believe it brings out some wonderfully teary but 'keep your head up' vibes. Secondly, and mainly, I based it on how I feel at the top of one of my favourite mountains. It's not some sort of massive, several thousand meter titan by any means, but it's a special place to me filled with memories. Many of the rocks up there are grey, black, and dark brown, and it's quite boggy here and there, yet when the sun beams down on it, it becomes incredibly beautiful. The views are pristine, and it's a great place to unwind and clear my mind. The title of this song however could be attributed to any mountain of a darker colour on a sunny day.

Also, reverb. Lots of it. I'm a big fan of reverb, what can I say?

2. Subterraneous (Orchestral/Soundtrack)

I wrote this piece with great caves and underground lakes in mind. There are many places on earth that are home to ever-expanding caverns filled with running water and unique wildlife. I took to a more blatantly mysterious and melancholic feel to this song to reflect the appearance of most caves and the darkness within them that they harbour. This could potentially be seen as a representation of the darker emotions we associate with death and the fears surrounding it.
This piece is also slightly inspired by video game soundtracks. I've found a lot of calming moments of my own have come about because I've been lost in games. They're a great tool for jacking you out of reality for a while to give you a break. This particular piece is ever so slightly modelled on typical dungeon/ruin themes commonly found in fantasy games.

3. As Rain Stirs The Snow Coated Soil (Orchestral/Ambient)

A track I put together mostly out of piano (4 piano tracks to be precise). I felt as though the piano would be the best choice to emulate rain in a musical form. For those moments in January and February when not only the rise in heat but also the eventual abundance of rain washes away the once glistening snow. That's what this piece is about, the feeling of saying goodbye to the Winter and offering greetings to the Spring.

4. Sunset Through The Oak Leaves (Orchestral/Ambient)

I wrote this track before any of the others on the release. I pictured myself strolling through a forest in a combination of both dark and light greens. The warm rays of the sunset bursting through the leaves on the trees and brightening up the darker undergrowth. Summer, I would think. I find something very serene about sunsets and their warm gaze. This is probably formed out of many happy memories during my school Summer holidays back in the day. But to this day, a warm and well-lit woodland can bring me much peace.

Wyndenraiyn uses:

- Logic Pro 9
- Miroslav Philharmonik
- Kontakt 5 (Player)
- Heavyocity Vocalise
- Addictive Keys (Demo)

The artwork was created solely by Wyndenraiyn. The image is of a tree in An Torr, Glencoe.


released January 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Wyndenraiyn Manchester, UK

Wyndenraiyn is an orchestral & ambient musical project from the North West of England.

Song inspiration comes from nature and the many emotions it can cause. Ranging from those moments of pure serenity and tranquility to depression and anxiousness, Wynderaiyn aims to cover all bases.
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